Friday, 13 January 2012

On the loose. . .

Okay, so a year has gone quickly because so much has been happening around me. Resuming work after a year long study leave was one of the greatest challenges, I hardly ever got time to be on the net...enough time, I mean. What with the lack of network *Collymore-the blame is on you* in the remote areas that my former job entailed. I however loved meeting amazing people from Koibatek and Marsabit, though worn out from the hardships they have to I wish we could all do something. Well, they say good living starts with Water, yet we all take it for granted. TIK (This is Kenya).

Working in Government comms enabled me travel to so many counties that I would never have.Did I mention I quit? After 9 years, I feel that I should leverage my experiences with a new organization. Will it be government...NGO...time will tell. I really miss NWC&PC, good friends, an amazing boss and the best experiences ever...

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