Monday, 12 March 2012

Kony 2012 - Spin taken too far?

I finally watched the video. Yes. THE VIDEO. That got to be watched over 72million times, tweeted by celebrities P. Diddy and Rihanna.

However, this movie is 6 years too late because:

1. The war in Uganda has been over for years.
2. There are no 'invisible children' in Gulu any more, they all went home.
3. This is the second time Americans have given technical assistance to try and catch Kony. That decision was not prompted by the Invisible Children as the claim.
3. Kony is in CAR or Congo running around with about 200 supporters if not less.

I am rational enough to realize when someone is trying to genuinely do good. It is just wrong when you assume that the people who you are trying to help need help and cannot help themselves. The film carries a story that is not being told by the residents of Gulu, but by the Americans!! Yet on the other hand, I believe that the presence of US advisors in this situation is a good thing, because it is important to pass a message to people world over, however little.

I am just of the opinion that the film will provide incredible insight on how to carry out a global marketing campaign to create an instant online community of activists and spread awareness by going viral. So rather than just the content that is totally misplaced and misguided, in my opinion, this video should serve as a 'how-to-guide' for various communications practitioners especially in Charity.

I did learn something.

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