Thursday, 11 March 2010

Bad it a matter of ethics? or irresponsibility?

-Zimbawe - Iran. The same political stories repeat themselves.

December 2007 -January 2008 may have turned out to be the worst nightmare for anyone living in Kenya after what many believed would be a democratic election turned out to be...not so democratic after all. Not only did hundreds lose their lives, others were evicted from what they called home for decades and officially became internally displaced (IDPs). The events that unfolded were not because the people were idle and just wanted a was as a result of BAD POLITICS. Why do they make all those poor people wait in queues just to vote for them? And get nothing in return?

Has Political PR undermined public trust in politicians?
As much as some of us view politicians to be progandists, PR professionals have a role to play in shaping the way political communications is perceived. In this way, Political PR is probably the most challenging sector in PR. The intentions of political communications are just as well justified as the intention of any other communication sector. What makes this section unique is the environment in which they operate in with regards to public perception and the need to build reputation in a more agressive way. The increased focus on spin , information management and the use of what can only be described as propaganda techniques have all had an impact on how the public perceive the political process.

Perhaps the use of lies and deceit have undermined the ethical aspect of politics. However, with the upsurge of pluralism, there notable changes within the public with regards to their personal behaviour and collective behavior. Therefore, like-minded individuals promote and defend their choices and to a larger extent influencing public opinion and governments. To this effect, social movements are of prime importance to a PR professional.

Generally, I must say, with the balance in ethical behavior and pluralism in the society, Political PR is not to blame for the lack of trust in politicians. Improper individual and political party agendas are solely to blame for this and this will surely be overturned by Political PR.

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