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How top companies win with social media

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Experts say that most businesses get it wrong

London, 4th March 2010

  • Spiral PR has launched a webcast-PR and Social Media Concepts that informs companies on the best way of using social media to improve on their bottom line.
  • The agency's social media strategist says that although most companies have adapted social media as a PR tool, most of them are doing it incorrectly.
  • The video highlights important aspects that organizations should understand before investing time in social media. Get the right tools in place,start the right conversations and keep the audiences engaged.
  • Social networking opens the traditional form of top down information disseminations because information flows in and out of the organization freely.
  • Advantages of social networking sites include:establishing community experience for customers and other publics; extending organizations' brand identity; personalized interactions

"Whereas traditional media is about broadcast, social media is better seen as a two-way conversation. It blurs the line between media and audience." - Mildred Yiamat,Online PR Specialist

"The trick is in getting the right advice from the right people. There are few agencies that can give your company the right solution. Joining the right networks at the right time requires carefully laid out strategies." - Suki Amoni, Spiral PR

About Spiral PR

Spiral PR is a newly established PR firm offering strategic communication services across a number of sectors. We specialise in Online PR, Media Relations and Crisis Management.


The full social media press release announcing the launch of the webcast by Spiral PR

PR and Social Media Concepts
The webcast launched highlighting the effect of social media on public relations and it has changed how PR is practised.

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